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Looking for a versatile piece of art? Then this statue that doubles as a pot is the piece for you!

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Momma Resin was started by a 22 year old single mom with a passion for art and creativity. After discovering the art of resin crafting, I quickly fell in love with my creations and want to share with all of you! After growing my business for over a year now, I have been able to incorporate my family into my business! They have been a great help and now are even designers for some of my products! I have loved art all my life but was always told art isn't a real career. Thanks to everyone of you I have been able to break that barrier and pursue my dream! I aim to create my items so there is something for everyone and to do my best cater to all audiences. Thank you all for the support and I can't wait to continue to grow and create even more! -Victoria "Momma Resin"

Featured collection

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